Joseph Salterio - Director

Joseph Salterio



Mr. Salterio built HSBC Panama from a green field operation to the leading financial banking institution of Panama and the With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Salterio is a highly respected figure in the banking industry, having led HSBC Panama from its inception as a green field operation to become the leading financial banking institution in Panama and the Central American Region. He has also been a trusted advisor to successive Presidents and Legislative Members of the Panamanian Government.

For over 12 years, Mr. Salterio was one of the seven members of the Panamanian Banking Commission, the regulating entity responsible for the supervision, monitoring, and control of the Panamanian Banking System. He has also founded five banks, including HSBC, Credicorp Bank, and UniBank.

In addition to his contributions to the banking industry, Mr. Salterio is actively involved in social and environmental programs, as well as agricultural and cattle-raising activities. His achievements have been recognized with numerous accolades, including the Order of the British Empire (OBE) which he received in 2014.

Key Role:

  • Past President of the Board of HSBC in Panama
  • President of Hacienda La Romana S. A.
  • President of Hacienda La Libertad S.A.
  • President of J. S. Management & Consulting Group S.A.
  • Founder and past President of the British Chamber of Commerce, Panama
  • Director the Board of Caja de Ahorros, Panama’s largest public savings institution.