Premium International Banking with a Human Touch

Premium International Banking with a Human Touch

PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited provides multi-currency banking solutions for global trading, personal investments, and corporate accounts.


We are a conservative and efficient bank that has an accessible customer service team to attend to you personally.

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Our range of services allow organisations to meet their day to day operational requirements.


Strong leadership and governance are key to the success of our organisation.


Incorporating a company in Saint Lucia offers tax and deregulation advantages. Let our PROVEN subsidiary manage the intricacies of incorporation and administration for you.



What is happening?

Boslil Bank Limited has been renamed PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited. The move, approved by St. Lucia’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), is a change in legal structure, naming and look. It is also in line with PROVEN acquiring the additional minority stake in Boslil in 2022, making Boslil a 100% owned subsidiary of the PROVEN Group.

The move to acquire full ownership of Boslil Bank Limited, supports PROVEN’s vision of being the premier Caribbean and Latin American Financial Services Firm with acquisitions that fits into its Core Banking and Wealth Division business model.

Who is the PROVEN Group?

PROVEN Group Limited (PGL/PROVEN) is the Caribbean’s premier “Income & Growth Strategy” Investment Company, built on the solid reputation of providing investors with safe and consistent returns on their investments. The company’s main objective is to provide shareholders with consistent returns, through a diversified portfolio of regional and international investments.

PROVEN’s subsidiaries & associated companies include: PROVEN Bank (Cayman) Limited, PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited, PROVEN Wealth Limited, PROVEN Wealth (Cayman) Limited, PROVEN Wealth (Bermuda) Limited, PROVEN Wealth (BVI) Limited, PROVEN Properties Limited, Heritage Education Funds International Inc., Access Financial Services Limited, JMMB Group Limited and Roberts Manufacturing Limited.

In November 2022, PROVEN Bank (Cayman) Limited acquired 100% of Boslil Bank Limited. The bank’s transition to having the same look and naming structure as its holding company will now help strengthen brand recognition across the Caribbean. The products and services offered will not change. For more information, please visit

Why restructure and rebrand?

PROVEN Group Limited, the ultimate parent company of Boslil Bank Limited, embarked on a corporate restructuring exercise, to separate the banking subsidiaries from the non-banking subsidiaries, to ensure compliance with the respective banking regulations. Additionally, a rebranding strategy was executed to leverage brand strength across the Caribbean and support the wider strategic thrust for integrating and establishing synergies, as part of an ongoing value chain optimization.

This restructuring included the establishment of a new bank holding company, PROVEN Bank Holdings Limited, of which PROVEN Bank (Cayman) Limited (“PBC”) is a 100% owned subsidiary. Boslil Bank Limited, now renamed PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited, is now a 100% owned subsidiary of PBC.

Will operations change at PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited

The bank’s operations will remain unchanged, as does its licensing. PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited remains as a financial services company incorporated in St. Lucia, licensed under the International Banks Act, Cap. 12.17, as a Class A Bank to carry on international banking business. This license allows the bank to conduct banking operations in the international markets. You can expect business as usual with a laser focus on improving customer experience and value.

Will I still have access to all the products and services I have been accustomed to?

There will be absolutely no change in the products and services offered at PROVEN Bank (Saint Lucia) Limited. The bank will continue offering financial solutions such as, Multi Currency Accounts, Foreign Exchange, Transactional Banking, Fixed Term Deposits, Loans, Credit Cards, and eBanking.